2013 Facts and Favourites

I can't believe it's been a full year since I first begun blogging. I've met fabulous fellow bloggers, equally as fabulous publishers and have expanded my reading list by hundreds.

2013 Facts

34,192 Page views.
23% have visited via Goodreads.
I gained 705 Google followers.
234 Twitter followers.
150+ Goodreads friends, and
34 members choosing to follow.
I worked with 14 Australian publishers.
Begin writing for ibrary.
594 followers gained via Bloglovin', 
with 129 personal followers.
88 people added me to their Google Circles...
and read 263 books throughout the year.

2013 Favourites

2013 was year of the young adult novel. Many much loved series came to an end, while others have begun and proving to be worthy adversaries. My favourites of 2013 were:


  1. American Girl on Saturn was really funny. So fangirly...just awesome. XD And These Broken Stars?! *be still my beating heart* Loved that. Congrats on those amazing stats! Woot! You've done well in 2013.
    (And PS The new look is coming along awesomely! Love what you're doing.)

    1. Thanks Cait. I should have probably added that this will be my third makeover in 2013 as well. I'm finding my current format much easier to work with. Oh, I just adored American Girl On Saturn, did you know she's bringing out a follow up?

      Can't wait to get my hands on that one.

  2. Fantastic post Kelly, I really enjoy web facts and figures hence my 2013 post as well. Looks like your blog has really grown over the year and it's well deserved! Congrats on working with publishers too, they are a lot of fun. Surprisingly I haven't read many of your favourites, only These Broken Stars but I have Earth Dwellers and Chasing the Valley lined up to read. Happy new year Kelly <3


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