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I'm Kelly. A happily married, thirty something year old Aussie with one furchild. I'm pedantic, bossy and slightly lazy.

After a long hiatus from books, like many mature young adult readers, I rediscovered fiction through Twilight. Thankfully I moved onto better books since then, but will always hold a soft spot for the infuriating and socially dangerous series that showed me what it meant to loathe poorly written characters and obsessed sparkling vampires.

I'm an avid young adult reader, masquerading as an adult. I have a strong preference for young adult dystopian novels set in post apocalyptic worlds with strong female protagonists. If a storyline contains an oppressive regime or government, a band of rebels fighting the system or a strong female heroine, I've pretty much already discovered it. It feeds my inner troublemaker. Viva la revolution!

I've contributed to Break Thru Radio, iBrary, Brisbane City Council's website for high school students and The Journal, the review blog for online bookstore Bookfari. I'm also part of the team who run Aussie YA Bloggers and Readers. 

I am enforcing a self imposed John Green ban. Until he understands what a happy ending is, I refuse to aide his authoring habit. Fairies are off the market, clearly they belong in picture books, pink bedrooms and other stereotypical places you find unicorns, rainbows and fluffy bunnies. Apart from fairies and my John Green hiatus, I won't read erotica, which is just a more marketable term for paperback porn or a book that pushes an agenda. I enjoying reading without being fed an education.

I'm also a huge supporter of Aussie young adult books and authors and advocate for the #LoveOzYA movement across social media.

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