Review Policy

I am not currently not accepting review copies at this time

Reviews are strictly for entertainment purposes only and to invite further discussions on the reviewed novels and subject matters.

In no circumstances should my review opinions be seen as those of the publisher or author. All reviews, including those less favorable are posted without malice or negative intent. If you read any opinion material on this site that you consider offensive, please contact me for clarification or where applicable, removal.

All reviews are given freely without interference or coercion from any parties involved. I do read publisher sent review copies (stated in each review post) but does not influence my opinion. No money / goods / or bribes have exchanged hands. I do however welcome free baked goods.

In the case of advanced reading copy reviews, the draft copy of the novel will be noted and only the story content, characters and writing style will be taken into account. All advanced reading copy novels are accepted in good faith for an honest review only.
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