How They Met and Other Stories by David Levithan

How They Met, and Other Stories
Written by David Levithan
Published in Australia February 1st 2014
244 Pages
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Eighteen stories, all about love, and about all kinds of love.

From the aching for the one you pine for, to standing up and speaking up for the one you love, to pure joy and happiness, these love stories run the gamut of that emotion that at some point has turned every one of us inside out and upside down. What is love?

With this original story collection David Levithan proves that love is a varied, complicated, addictive, wonderful thing.

My Thoughts

In a series of charming, witty, intelligent and even sad stories, David Levithan has created a little something for everyone. Whether it be how a couple had met, the point in which they realised they were in love, or the ending of a relationship, each story is unique, with most of being able to relate in one way or another. 

I loved the quirky story of Starbucks Boy. Gabriel was supposed to be staying with his Aunt in New York to attend a precollege course at Columbia University over summer, but when he finds the course is cancelled, his Aunt volunteers his services as a babysitter for Arabella. A creature of habit, Arabella ventures out each day for her Starbucks regular, and and that's where Gabriel meets the Starbucks Boy of his dreams. Adorably cute and quirky, this one was definitely a favorite of mine.

Daniel and Mandy fit together like Lego pieces, but when you're young and naive, how do you know if you're in love? Sometimes an escalator and a badly placed step is all you need to realise you've fallen too.

Roger is flying back to campus after Thanksgiving, when his normally lucky seat is given to another passenger. In his new position, he finds himself sitting next to Rory, a nervous flyer. Ten years later, the couple still tell their story of how a seat mix up began both their lives, but it seems even a case of serendipity needs intervention, but ultimately we make our own choices. The story of Roger and Rory is beautiful, I loved the matter in how they met one another and the inclusion of Al Schwartz. Just brilliant.

From Miss Lucy who struggles to label her relationship, to the story of Andrew Chang and the prom, to the Pizza boy and Jon's boyfriend that his parents are determined not to acknowledge. Whether you're straight, gay or just love love, you'll love reading the intimate stories of those first awkward moments of meeting who may just be the love of your life.


  1. I love the sound of this book and didn't realise that it covered normal relationships as well as LBGT. I love the format with the little snapshots into everyone's lives. Lovely review Kelly, I'll definitely pick this one up soon!

    1. I assumed it would be all mush and rainbows, but it's definitely not. There are a variety of relationships covered in this one, gay, straight, casual, intense and some purely sexual. Of course some stories were far better than others, but I loved Starbucks Boy, the first story told. It reminded me of that movie with Brittany Murphy who finds work as a nanny. Can't wait to see what you think of it Jeann.

  2. This sounds very unique. I recently heard of this book and it great to learn more about it. I like that the stories are so varied- something for everyone. :)


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