Second Hearts by G.J Walker - Smith

Second Hearts The Wishes Series Book two
Written By G J Walker - Smith
Contemporary, Romance
Published: April 2nd 2013
406 Pages
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Charli Blake's high tolerance for risk doesn't always work in her favour.

After a year of living out her dream of travelling the world, the sunny West African village of Kaimte would be her last stop. She's bound for New York, in search of the boy she'd let go of long ago.

For Charli, nothing has changed. She's travelled thousands of miles but hasn't moved an inch. Adam D├ęcarie still means everything to her. But reality soon hits hard.
For Adam, everything has changed.

Memories of the best love she's ever known is all she has left, until Charli makes a shocking discovery. None of it had ever been real in the first place
Charli has finally left The Cove. After her best friend snuck away with her travel money from the proceeds of the boat sale, Charli and Mitchell are on the surfing trip of a lifetime. Living in poverty and working their way currently through Africa. It's the life charli has always dreamed of... Even if her heart is in New York.

Always living her life in a whim, Charli leaves Mitchell for New York. Adam has return back to his high society life, cruel and unwelcoming friends, and a secret that Charli never saw coming. Against her own judgement, Charli is having the ultimate New York experience... And getting to know Adam again, in his element.

His mother is a cruel, domineering woman, his friends openly refer to Charli as trash. New York is suffocating her spirit. Alex was right.

But when Charli and Adam find themselves bound together, can either of them make the sacrifice to make it last?

Kelly's Thoughts

I'm loving this series, mainly due to Charli. She's whimsical, honest and specialises in fairy folklore. Readers will find themselves charmed by the magic that is uniquely Charli. Adam is quite bland in comparison and annoying in Second Hearts.

An almost fairytale romance that seemed to fall apart even before it began. Charli is a brilliant character and I need the third book as soon as possible!


  1. Oh, this looks like a yummy read! I'm really curious how it turns out.

    1. It's the best contemporary young adult romance I've read this year. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.


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