The Worlds We Make by Megan Crewe

Contains spoilers for books one and two in the series.
The Worlds We Make (Fallen World: Book Three)
Written by Megan Crewe
Published February 11th 2014
288 Pages
When Kaelyn and her friends reached Toronto with a vaccine for the virus that has ravaged the population, they thought their journey was over, but hope has eluded them once again. Now there is a dangerous group of survivors intent on tracking them down and stealing the cure no matter the costs. Forced onto the road again, Kaelyn redoubles her efforts to find a safe haven. But when the rest of her group starts to fall apart, the chances for her success grow slim. Kaelyn's resolve is strong, but is she willing to surrender everything in order to stay alive? Riveting action and characters full of conviction and courage will captivate readers in this final installment in the Fallen World trilogy.
The friendly flu is now rampant. Leaving the safety of their island home in Canada, the group of teens armed with the virus vaccine are on their way to Atlanta and the Center for Disease Control, but with the Wardens on their trail, the journey will be anything but easy. Gav is slowly deteriorating, the virus is now effecting his cognitive abilities, and there is nothing Kaelyn can do to stop the process. Along with Tobias who they suspect is also infected, Anika who tried to sell them out to the Wardens, trigger happy Justin and best friend Leo, Kaelyn releases that to have any chance of making it towards Disease Control, they can only travel by back roads and indirect routes. It isn't until they find themselves closer to the city, where they make contact with other survivors in Atlanta, by using Tobias' radio. They now have a new found determination to make a difference to the world the group have now been dealt. 

But Disease Control may not be any better than the Wardens, and the group may have a decision to make, which group would be the one to save humanity?

My Thoughts

I've loved the Fallen World series, Fallen World was fantastic, The Lives We Lost was utterly brilliant, but The Worlds We Make? It was good, but not as great as I had anticipated. The storyline ended book two with high emotions, uncertainty and what was set to be an epic finale. But it felt flat, unoriginal and seemed to rehash the same issues the group had come across in the first two books of the series. The characters just seemed to cruise along, and had clearly lost the drive to survive and make a difference. Kaelyn especially falls victim to losing the humanity she was a strong advocate of. Berating teen Justin for being trigger happy, Kae now refuses to help anyone but herself. In a dying world where survivors have turned on one another, there was no shock value. I didn't expect the infected being hacked to death, or wild west style gun battles, but I needed something, and sadly it just didn't deliver.

The only positive aspect is that the book ends on a predictable high, but it left too many loose ends and aspects of the storyline that didn't seem to make sense. Highlight with mouse for spoiler: The characters seem to be picked off one by one, in what I assume is an easy and uncomplicated way to nicely wrap up the ending. What about the artists colony where she had left Meridith with friend Tessa? Justin's mother? Drew? Too many loose ends that will no doubt leave some readers unsatisfied.

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