Dead Silence by Kimberly Derting

Sometimes the Dead Can't Be Silenced.

Violet thought she had made peace with her unique ability to sense the echoes of the dead and the imprints that cling to their killers... Until she acquired an imprint of her own. Forced to carry a reminder of the horrible events of her kidnapping, Violet is more determined than ever to lead a normal life. However, the people who run the special investigative team she works for have no intention of letting her go.

Violet will do whatever it takes to keep her loved ones safe, even if it means lying to her boyfriend, Jay. But when an echo calls to her, she stumbles upon a murder scene unlike anything she's ever witnessed. 


The murders are frenzied and twisted, and the killer left a disturbing calling card for all to see, a brimstone cross sketched in blood on the wall. And Violet finds herself pulled into a deadly hunt for a vicious madman with an army of devoted followers.

Violet has survived dangerous situations before, but she quickly discovers that protecting those closest to her is far more difficult than protecting herself.

Violet has never given much thought to the echoes of the dead, why some bodies carry a certain scent, a taste or a flurry of colour, if the deceased not having passed through natural causes. Much the same way those responsible would carry an imprint to link to the crime. Now Violet has her own imprint, she's a killer too. After her harrowing abduction at the hands of Caine, Violet isn't coping with the death of her captor, with a gruesome reminder in the childlike tinkling melody she cannot escape. Haunting, hypnotic and terrifying.

Now begins Violet's senior year at White River high, and the ensuing questions that Violet simply can't answer. Violet's two worlds are about to collide, when Rafe and Gemma enroll at White River. She hasn't seen the group of extraordinary gifted teens since her rescue and attempt to be excluded from the program, just her regular mundane Monday appointments to Doctor Lee. But violet's world is about to explode.

Evan is from a broken home, his sense of normalcy shattered by a drug addicted mother and abusive alcoholic father. The disturbed young man finds his own family, a group of young teens dependent on their next high, and budding rockstar Evan knows just where to find it. He calls himself The Father, drug free and sober in order to keep his authority over the group of homeless kids. But don't be fooled, Evan is a cold blooded killer, not only stealing from the wealthy, but engaging in satanic ritual murders, his calling card a brimstone cross forged in the victim's blood. Believing his mounting crimes will go unreported, but the echo is too strong for Violet to ignore. But upon being called to the crime scene, Violet senses something she hasn't encountered before, the youngest victim, a young boy, has no echo.

A collection of recently discovered journals that her grandmother kept, may just have the answer. But rather Violet ends up with more than she bargained for. A simple photo tucked beneath the pages shows Violet's grandmother with a few familiar faces, including that of Doctor Lee, while the journal speaks of a Circle of Seven, not all unlike The Center. Violet enlists the aid of the one person that won't turn her away, Rafe. Not Jay. The constant secrets and lies have become a heavy strain on his relationship with Violet, her tenacity once one of the reasons he loved her, now it will only get her killed. But Violet loves Jay, it's always been Jay, so why is she suddenly so heavy hearted when Rafe and Chelsea begin to bond?

On a new found mission to become more transparent, Violet tells Chelsea about her echos, the imprints and her animal graveyard she's kept in her backgarden since she was a child, allowing Chelsea to see into Violet's world of death and devastation. Chelsea has always been suspicious, but after the initial shock, Chels vows to become the supportive sidekick, cape and all. They just made need superpowers, as the satanic killings are back on the agenda. The Father has been traced to a seedy venue, and the two girls, along with Rafe and Jay, hope that Violet's senses can trace the imprint back to the bloodthirsty and violent attacker before he strikes again. But one of their lives are in danger and Violet will wish she had followed this lead alone.

Dead Silence is the final novel in The Body Finder series, but sadly it was far from completion. The storyline left far too many questions unanswered and was difficult to read, as it provided little back story to the previous novels in the series. Throughout, we see snippets from the satanic killer's point of view, which is only known through the italic text. It's gruesome, sickening, and portrays the mind of a serial killer.

But what most fans will be asking, will she choose Rafe or Jay, is answered, as it is the only satisfying part of this finale. It does leave room for a spin off series, which hopefully, may tie up loose ends.

Dead Silence
(The Body Finder Series: Book Four) 
Written By Kimberly Derting
Published 16 / 04 / 2013
405 Pages 

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