Author Guest Post: Christina Channelle

To celebrate supernatural month, I asked friend, indie author and all round cool chick Christina Channelle, to describe why she daydreams about paranormal beings that young adult enthusiasts can't seem to get enough of.

Please welcome, Christina Channelle.

Vampires. Fallen angels. Witches. Familiars. Grim Reapers.

What makes me want to write about these supernatural beings?

I had always had an interest in the supernatural, whether reading books, or watching shows like Buffy and Dark Angel. There, I could be transported to a place outside of my mundane reality of being a kid. I wondered what it’d be like to create my own characters, fill my own world with beings that are out of this world. Vampires have always been a popular phenomenon and as a teenager, I had this desire to write my own vampire book.

That was how Dahlia came about. Originally the story was about a girl whose mother recently re-married and she had to re-locate to a new place. She never knew much about her birth father and as the story unfolds, she finds out about her vampire bloodline. Now, this was something I came up with when I was about fifteen, maybe sixteen. Years later, I returned to the story and finally completed what I had started. But I wanted more. I didn’t want this story to be simply about vampires.

So I changed it.

And by changing this once vampire story, it opened me up to new supernatural beings and new storylines in what is now the Blood Crave Series. Now, I’m still in the process of finishing up the series, introducing new characters, re-living some old ones. It’s a bittersweet book, as most of my stories tend to be.

With that thought in mind, I introduce you to Mia. At least, that’s what she’s called. Her story will be told in October in my upcoming novella, Reap. She’s a girl who isn’t quite complete, waking up to an unfamiliar place with no voice and no memory, with only strangers to help her along the way.

If I remember correctly, I was sitting on the train, on my way to work, when the idea of Mia came to be. I was listening to music, most likely haunting in melody, when these thoughts suddenly came to mind. I immediately started taking notes on my phone, typing away. Some were sporadic and unfinished. They were just thoughts that I had to get down before they completely disappeared from my head.

The place where I tend to get the majority of my ideas for my stories, however, is that point in time … just as I’m about to fall asleep. Then I have to switch on the light and immediately jot down my thoughts before finally passing out.

I don’t dream. Well, I dream, everybody dreams, but I don’t recall any of them. So I tend to daydream a lot. I enjoy it quite a bit, actually. And it’s in that moment, as I daydream, when my characters spring to life and a new story is created.

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Dahlia, Book One in the Blood Crave series is available now from

Fallen Tears, a Blood Crave novella is available from Amazon and Smashwords 

Rowan, Book Two in the Blood Crave series is available from Amazon

Reap and Sage, Book Three in the Blood Crave series coming soon! 

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