Fast 5 Friday: Christina Channelle Giveaway

She's a sassy, strong female with a weakness for coffee.
She loves to read, watch movies and in her spare time, creates potty mouthed characters, paranormal beings and potential book boyfriends.

You can contact Christina via
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She's Canadian. She's the fabulous Christina Channelle, and she's this week's Fast Five Friday.

If you could play out a character in any book besides your own, who would you want to be, and why?

I would be Haley from Chasing Forever Down. It’s by Nikki Godwin, an indie author, and I just loved it. The book was so effortless and enjoyable to read and I envied her: the opportunity to just get in a car and drive, meet new people, and explore a whole new side to life chasing her dreams. I would love to chase forever down.

Do you have a writing space set aside, and what would we find on your desk?

I don’t know if this is normal but I tend to write in my bed. I like to be comfortable and I’ll lie on my stomach or sit up against the wall, typing away on my laptop. I prefer it to writing on my desk. Right now on my desk is my desktop computer, an old Blackberry I hardly ever use, my wallet, a purple pen, a green ruler, and a slew of papers I need to go through. Usually my desk is neat but it’s just one of those days.

The soon to be released, Those Four Letter Words, is an emotional read. What or who inspired you to create a sassy, strong and smart character like Jade, the female protagonist?

I specifically remember lying on my bed studying for an upcoming exam. I was definitely not in the mood and was a little annoyed, to be honest. Instead of studying, my mind drifted off, creating this potty-mouth character that was just annoyed at the current situation in her life. And poof, Those Four Letter Words was created. I didn’t know exactly where the story would go; I just let my fingers type away. I have to admit, this was probably the most effortless story I’d written. It just came to me. My protagonist was named Jade after my favourite color, green. I try to implement the colour in most of my stories, just a thing of mine I like to do.

When you’re not writing, what could we find you doing in your spare leisure time?

When I’m not writing and focusing on my books, I am definitely reading, as that’s where my love for writing came from. I am also a lover of movies so I tend to occupy a seat in a movie theatre quite regularly. And I’ll admit to being a reality TV addict; I can’t help it.

As an independent author with success under your belt, what words of advice would you give potential authors that are wanting to self publish?

The fact that I self-published a book is, yes, a great success. It’s an achievement that no one can take away from you. If writing is your passion and something that you love to do, don’t give up. It’s a lot of work with obstacles to overcome and learning curves, but it’s the most enjoyable of feelings. That first book you self-publish is such a triumph because it’s something that you created. So stop thinking about it, and saying that you’re going to “do it eventually,” and just do it period.

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