After Daybreak by J. A London

After Daybreak brings J.A. London's romantic dystopian Darkness Before Dawn series to a thrilling conclusion.

Dawn grew up behind a wall, terrified of the vampires outside who controlled the lives of humans and demanded their blood. But when she became a delegate for her city and met Victor, she realized that not all vampires were the same, that maybe one could be trusted.

Now Day Walker Sin is infecting his followers with a disease that turns them into mindless killers. Dawn and Victor will have to convince humans and vampires to band together to stop him, because alone they will all die

Dawn and Michael, now injured, are fleeing after the brutal altercation at the hands of Sin, the vampire daywalker. After the revelation that Octavian is the last of Dawn's descendants of the Montgomery clan. The full blooded ancient vampire is nothing more than ashes being carried by the wind, now she only has Sin's account, and he has proven himself untrustworthy. Sin claims she's a dhampir, but that isn't possible... Right?

Through her shared blood, Dawn reconnects with Victor, guiding him to Crimson Sands, the small outlawed town where she and Michael have sought refuge. But something isn't right there, the residents are almost too friendly, and seemingly no protection from Sin's daywalkers and the infected. 

Upon returning to the walled confines of Denver, Dawn knows there is no other choice, she needs to meet the prestige vampire council, to tell them Sin's vision for domination, over vampires and humans alike. She needs the families to agree to stop Sin, but she'll need to take her rightful place on the council first. Will she be allowed to represent the Montgomery vampire family, only being a Dhampir, or will they simply end her due to the withstanding death warrant?

Sin must be stopped at all costs, now his Army of Daywalkers are bringing death and destruction throughout the cities, including Denver. Sin wants beyond domination and to rule, he plans to become the strongest, most feared vampire the world has ever seen, giving morality a new sense of meaning. The humans and Victor's trusted vampires need to work together, to bring down Sin, to find who in the city is allowing the Daywalkers through the gates, and if their fragile world can be rebuilt, before it's too late. 

The Darkness Before Dawn series is set in a dystopian world, where vampires need no longer hide I'm the shadows, they are the dominant species. Dawn, the female heroine isn't as strong as her character peers in other popular paranormal series', she's likeable, but rather annoying. It's a shame, as the series is quite entertaining. 

After Daybreak is well written and ends the series on beautiful, almost touching, note. But the showdown with Sin, which is what the series has been building towards, was a letdown sadly. The equivalent would be, telling the kids the family is going to Disneyland... And ending up at the dentist. But I still enjoyed it, despite my disappointment.

After Daybreak
(Darkness Before Dawn: Book Three)
Written By J. A London
Published 25 / 06 / 2013
368 Pages

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