Chasing Stars by Helen Douglas

Chasing Stars (After Eden: Book Two)
Written by Helen Douglas
Published June 5th 2014
352 Pages
Thank you to Bloomsbury Australia 
The boy Eden loves just saved her life. Now she must save his. To do so she must make a huge sacrifice. Eden can never see her friends or family again, as she travels a hundred years into the future. But the dangerous risk Ryan took to rescue Eden has been uncovered, and now Ryan faces an exile... Which will leave Eden separated from him. the one person she can't live without, and stuck in the future. She must fight to save both of them
Although the mission to save Connor from discovering Planet Eden was a success, Travis still believes that it's namesake, sixteen year old Eden, is a liability. But before Travis can purge Eden from existence, the boy she thought she'd never see again returns, and saves her life. Now Eden and Ryan are on the run from the Cleaner, a woman sent to retrieve Travis and bring Ryan to justice. With no escape, the young couple are captured and brought back to Ryan's present day, where he will be tried as a traitor to the law.

Over a century has passed for Eden as she tries to navigate a new world without Ryan, who is awaiting trial. Both Connor and Aunt Miranda have long passed, and her only ally now is Pegasus, Ryan's best friend. But Ryan breaking protocol and returning to save Eden's life isn't as gallant as the Space Time authorities believe, the President and anti time travel campaigner Admiral Wolfe will be overseeing Ryan's trial and he faces the prospect of mining on the Moon, a death sentence my any means.

But Eden won't give up without a fight. Navigating her way through the hungry media packs, leaked information and a gun legal team that wants to make an example of Ryan, she refuses to say goodbye. But can she rescue the boy she owes her in time?

My Thoughts

I was actually sad to hear that Chasing Stars is the final book in the After Eden series, making it a duology. It was a far easier read than book one, the storyline moving to Ryan's time with Eden left to navigate his world alone.I found Eden irritating in book one, but without the romance and now that she is on a mission to clear Ryan's name, she's really likable, no one can doubt her determination and tenacity. While Ryan is incarcerated, Eden forms a supportive and loving friendship with Pegasus, or Peg as he's affectionately known. Peg is by far the draw card in Chasing Stars, he's jovial and adds an element of surprise and warmth to the storyline. Fear not, there's no love triangle, instead Peg plays the role of Eden's guide to her new world and introduces readers to a future which is not unlike our own. 

I expected Ryan's world to be ridiculous, inter species living among humans, humanity almost all but dead, but surprisingly it was pretty tame. My only complaint was that I expected Ryan's group of friends to be more involved in Ryan's homecoming and freedom, rather than partying and seeing the sights. 

Overall, I really enjoyed it, more so than After Eden. But the ending felt incomplete and raises more questions than answers. I'd love to see a novella at least that could give readers closure, about the lives of Connor and Miranda, Pegasus and Ryan's family (including that of his father). Just too many not to produce another book, ending the series with a trilogy and on a final note.


  1. I skimmed this because while I have both books, I am still yet to read them. It's funny that it was made into a duology, was it originally a planned trilogy? I hope there is a novella if the ending is so unsatisfactory :)

    Mands @ The Bookish Manicurist

  2. Oh! I didn't know that this was a duology! Sometimes, I've been thinking that perhaps there should be more duologies than trilogies now, given how we readers at least won't be waiting on an additional year ;) In any case, I'm glad to know that Eden is a far better character this time around. I remember reading reviews who moaned about her annoying-ness in the previous book. Also, that gif? Absolutely wonderful. I love the starry sky, with all of its wonders and greatness. It makes me feel humbled, you know? Like the universe is so grand and I'm smaller than a speck of dust in the scheme of things. Le sigh~~

    Faye at The Social Potato

  3. This is a duology? Definitely a trend going on here. Hmmm, After Eden was ok for me, and even though I was going to read Chasing Stars, I'm looking forward to it more than I was before! Great review :)

  4. Wow, I didn't realise it was a duology! I think I'll actually give this one a go when I get the chance, especially since it features Ryan's home land and it was done well. Lovely review as always, love <3


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