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Fellow booknerds and bloggers probably share my frustration.
We all have a book that we're just itching to get our grubby little hands on, so when a book tour pops up in your inbox, it's high fives all 'round, even before you apply to be accepted...

But what happens when you've been declined time, and time again?

Not all book touring hosts are biased, take for example both CBL Book Tours and Xpresso Book Tours. Both Giselle and Laurynne are fabulous. From the fellow bloggers that I've spoken to, all would highly recommend their services. I've seen sites I stalk with less than twenty followers, hosting tours through both of the girls, and that's why I'm also a proud tour host and happy to recommend them. But this isn't just a plug.

I'm not one to rant for no apparent reason, but decided to post so other bloggers know that this happens to the best of us, that you can apply for tour after tour, and still not be accepted, and that can get you down. It's not personal, not really. If you don't have a cult following of thousands, you're shunned, considering that without us and our memberships of these sites, they wouldn't have much of a business at all. Remember, the hosts get paid to promote these books. So what can you do about it?

Stuff them. If you are constantly declined, bypass them. Go straight to the source. Email or contact authors through their websites or publicists. If you don't ask, you'll never know. I've hosted cover reveals and blitzes directly through some authors, as well as free for review books.

Register with friendly tour hosts such as CBL Book Tours, Xpresso Book Tours, and Itching For Books is another one that a fellow blogger recommended. Register at NetGalley, they provide digital eCopies of ARC and books that authors and publishers are promoting, currently they have books by John Green, Colleen Hoover, Katie McGarry, Julie Kagawa and more. Just click to request the books you would like to review, but be mindful to only apply for books that you intend to read and review, read the synopsis first. Don't be disheartened if you are declined for some, as the publishers may only be looking for certain age groups, or locations at that particular time.

Another site is Edelweiss. I haven't applied for eCopies through them, but still another option.

Besides becoming a blog pimp and flaunting your goodies all over the net to reach followers in epic proportions, feel free to leave your recommendations. Add your own site to the list and people can click away, you may even gain more followers. I can't guarantee you'll have 4000 by the end of the day, but it's a start.

Remember, if you add your blog, please also follow another blogger in kind.


  1. I love this. Edelweiss is pretty good. Try Harper Teen.

    1. Thanks for the recommendation Adriana. I also found a site connected to Harper Collins Australia, Figment. It was previously Inkpop, but the sites have merged.

      Thanks for signing up for the Get Stuffed Campaign.

  2. Yes! I feel the exact same way. Just because a blog has tons of followers, they are given top priority in everything. It really is not fair.
    Btw, I also tour with CBL blog tours, and she is amazing.

    Great post! :D
    Summer @ MissFictional's World of YA Books

    1. Thanks for your comment Summer. It's bullshit that book loving blogs such as Missfictional's don't get a fair go. How are we supposed to compete with that? CBL is awesome, I couldn't agree more.

      Thanks for signing as well. If anything, you'll have a few more members to add to your loyal cult.

  3. Was already following Summer- Adriana I am following you on both Twitter & your blog.
    I like your rawr divainpajamas! I've had experience of Xpresso Books- Giselle's amazing because she'll do a blog tour for indies or traditionally published & also does cover reveals & everything- every little helps! I don't apply loads but I think it's good to have this as a confidence booster! It's like when authors haven't been rejected yet but they know it's going to happen & write anyway! Thanks for being brave enough to say it!

    1. Thanks Amy, and you ARE awesome!

      I've read a few Indies, and some of them are surprisingly good! One being the Elementris series by Christina Mobley. She's one of the authors that I talk to directly and she's just organised her own book tour.

      I honestly love book tours, it helps Indie authors especially, to get their work out there.

  4. My blog has more followers than everyone else that's signed up so far (but not by much) but I completely agree, not everyone has the luck to gain 1000s of followers as even with follow for follow not everyone follows back.

    I followed Adriana as I already follow everyone else, I'm always happy to do button exchanges as well. I think there are loads of amazing smaller blogs!! Good luck with your stand against Blog Tour snobs who overlook us!!

    Oh and I have some tours lined up with: so maybe you could try her! :)

    Char @ From the Shadows I Review :)

    1. Thanks Char for the suggestion.
      Most of the blogs I follow are smaller blogs, but they all have awesome content on them. Books I would never have gave a second glance to. My to read list is as long as my arm.

      I'll pop over to your blog later today and grab your button to put in my links section.

  5. Oh I can't stand snobs. I'd like to add that this is not the only thing that happens. Many authors who have contacted me for tours want to include a clause that if I can get the bigger names (blogs) on board they are prepared to give those choice blogs huge giveaways to run during the tour dates. And to that... I immediately refuse. It's rubbish to pull your nose up at the smaller blogs (every single one of us spend exactly the same amount of time on review posts and promotions for tours as the next one does) and if they (the authors) have huge gift vouchers & prizes to giveaway for tours then they must make it a tour-wide giveaway.

    During my blog tours I run, there is not a single blog that get's more attention than the next. I don't even pump my own blog more than the other blog tour hosts. If CBL Reviews participates in a tour CBL Book Tours is running, then I fall in with everyone else and fill in on a random available date with the same benefits as everyone else.

    I'm glad you put this out there. I've been noticing this pattern for a while now and it's annoying the hell out of me. I too get outside tour requests, which I join in and then never hear from again. Oh well...

    Thanks Divain for your support and kind words :)


    1. Hi Laurynne and thanks for popping by.

      And your response is that exact reason why so many blogs use your services, you support equality and bloggers don't need to jump through hoops just to be considered, so behalf of all bloggers, I thank you.

      I had no idea what a book tour was when I begun blogging and I remember having less than 50 combined members when I first applied to host one of your tours, and you had chosen me anyway. Now I'm close to 800 combined members since the beginning of 2013, and still love being a tour host with CBL.


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