Pure by Jennifer L. Armentrout

There is need. And then there is Fate...

Being destined to become some kind of supernatural electrical outlet isn’t exactly awesome—especially when Alexandria’s 'other half' is everywhere she goes. Seth’s in her training room, outside her classes, and keeps showing up in her bedroom—so not cool. Their connection does have some benefits, like staving off her nightmares of the tragic showdown with her mother, but it has no effect on what Alex feels for the forbidden, pure-blooded Aiden. Or what he will do—and sacrifice—for her.

When daimons infiltrate the Covenants and attack students, the gods send furies—lesser gods determined to eradicate any threat to the Covenants and to the gods, and that includes the Apollyon... and Alex. And if that and hordes of aether-sucking monsters didn’t blow bad enough, a mysterious threat seems willing to do anything to neutralize Seth, even if that means forcing Alex into servitude... or killing her.

When the gods are involved, some decisions can never, ever be undone.


The world is against Alex, she's sure of it. Ever since she returned to the covenant, fellow students either stare at her in awe... Or avoid her like the plague. Everyone knows that Alex's mother was a daimon, so when the covenants are infiltrated by what seems to be half blood daimon, all fingers point to Alex. 

Alex is depressed. She can't shake the nightmares that only Seth can help starve. The bond between The First and his little Apollyon in training strengthens, Seth can feel what Alex feels, he can also feel the way Aiden makes her feel. Alex knows how wrong it is, he's a pure blood after all, but why does something so wrong feel so right?

When sneaking around the grounds on a drink run, Alex and Caleb are attacked by a turned sentinel with daimon sidekicks, and her whole world turns to dust. The pure bloods are now avoiding all half bloods, especially Alex. So when she is asked to attend a council hearing over the incident, she knows something is amiss. She's already been through so much, but the council would like nothing more than to send her into servitude, but that isn't her only problem... Someone wants her dead.

Alex needs to survive those wanting to end her life before her eighteenth birthday, marked as the second coming. When the furies are released, will any of them live to fight another day?

Pure is explosive, emotional and edgy. Alex Andros is a kick ass heroine. She's strong and isn't afraid to stand up for what she believes in. She is irrational though and that can be her downfall, and hurt those around her. Well written. It's brilliant how the back story of the covenants, pure and half bloods and gods are woven throughout each book, it only tells you what you need to know at that particular point, so there are no long drawn out lectures. A step up from Half Blood by far. Itching to start Deity.


(Covenant Series: Book Two)
Written By Jus Accardo

Published 12 / 03 / 2012
320 Pages

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