Raging Star by Moira Young

Raging Star
Dustlands Trilogy: Book Three
Written by Moira Young
Book one review: Blood Red Road
Book two review: Rebel Heart
Dystopian, Post Apocalyptic
Published May 13th 2014
344 Pages
When the star reader, Auriel Tai, challenged Saba to seize her destiny and defeat DeMalo and the Tonton, Saba was so confident in her purpose. Then she met DeMalo and he confounded all expectations with his seductive vision of a healed earth, a New Eden. DeMalo and Saba had an intense and passionate encounter, physical, emotional and psychic, that changed her life, and now he wants Saba to join him, in life and work, to create and build a healthy, stable, sustainable world... For the chosen few.

Jack’s choice is clear: to fight DeMalo and try to stop his dangerous New Eden project. Still uncertain, her connection with DeMalo a secret, Saba commits herself to the fight. Joined by her brother Lugh, anxious for the land in New Eden, Saba leads an inexperienced guerilla band against the powerfully charismatic DeMalo, in command of his settlers and the Tonton militia.

What chance do they have? Saba must act. And be willing to pay the price
The Free Hawks are determined to fight for the freedom of the citizens of New Eden, not just the Chosen Ones DeMalo deems worthy. The right to fresh water, land and safety. They're fighting for the children imprisoned in camps where they toil all day, the Breeders who's babies are taken from them and left in the wilderness and for those not deemed worthy of being one of The Pathfinder's Chosen Ones, committed to a life in the Slave Camps to build DeMalo's regenerative society. The Free Hawks believe that Jack is dead, while he works behind the scenes as Saba's informant. Saba is struggling with fighting against DeMalo's Tonton Milita and reigning back her thoughts of DeMalo himself. His vision is alluring as he is, seducing, a world recovered from devastation that breeds new life. But at what cost?
He bends his head. His mouth so close. His warmth breath kisses my lips. Oh my traitor soul. What is it in me that cleaves to him? To blur me melt me lose me.
But playing DeMalo at his own game is no longer working, and The Pathfinder vows to kill each and every last one of the rebellious revolutionaries... Unless Saba surrenders herself to him.

DeMalo is a man of many talents, coercion being one, but he never anticipates the will of Saba and how far she'll go to protect what she believes is the free right of every inhabitant of the Earth, regardless of race, creed, week or strong, old or young. She won't go down without a fight.

My Thoughts

Raging Star was brilliant and quite a surprising and bittersweet ending to the Dustlands Trilogy. Our main protagonist is one of my favourite young adult characters. She's tough, sassy and isn't afraid to fight for the greater good. Where she differs from most young adult heroines, that she isn't perfect. Not even close. She's loyal to those around her, can admit when she's in the wrong and lives for her twin brother Lugh and little sister Emmi. But Saba lives in a ravaged world that is seemingly beyond repair. Where buildings and technology are left behind by prior generations known as the Wreckers, and DeMalo believes he can heal the world.

But not every battle needs to be fought, and I really enjoyed seeing the rational and gentle side of Saba, who finds her Free Hawks beginning to destabilise and lose faith in her leadership. Unlike both Blood Red Road and Rebel Heart, Raging Star delves into Saba learning to ask questions first, then act. Her character growth has been incredible, from the wild girl that only lived for her brother, to the young woman who now fights for the freedom of all. Unlike Katniss in The Hunger Games, Saba charges into battle rather than becoming the reluctant heroine.

But it's not the incredible desolate world building that endears the Dustlands Trilogy as a phenomenal post apocalyptic series, it's the raw characters. Imperfect, yet are written with absolute perfection. Moira Young has become one of my favourite authors, she's incredible and considering this is her debut series, she'll definitely be an author to watch.

If you're yet to pick up the Dustlands series, you really are denying yourself the opportunity of reading one of the best young adult series. Ever.


  1. I must read this series. I MUST. I keep hearing great things about them--and I've even spotted them at my local library, so I'm not sure what's stopping me from picking them up, but I definitely will now, I think. From that quote above I know I'm going to like the way it's written.

    1. It's really different and the use of language takes a little getting used to, but a few chapters into book one and you'll be so endeared to Saba, she's just that type of character. The series actually gets better and better with each book!

  2. Yes, this is a series that I've been putting off for a while because I hear great reviews every now and then but it doesn't get enough love. I love the sound of the character development with the raw and powerful characters though. Lovely review Kelly!

    1. I don't understand why it doesn't, it's worthy of The Hunger Games kind of praise, Saba is one of the best young adult characters to date. Pick up Blood Red Road Jeann, you'll love it.


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