Push by Eve Silver

Contains spoilers for Rush

Push (The Game: Book Two)
Written by Eve Silver
Science Fiction, Aliens
Published June 10th 2014
352 Pages
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It’s either break the rules or die.

Miki Jones lives her life by her own strict set of rules, to keep control, to keep the gray fog of grief at bay. Then she’s pulled into the Game, where she, and her team, will die unless she follows a new set of rules: those set by the mysterious Committee.

But rules don’t mean answers, and without answers, it’s hard to trust. People are dying. The rules are unraveling. And Miki knows she’s being watched, uncertain if it’s the Drau or someone, something, else. Forced to make impossible choices and battling to save those she loves, Miki begins to see the Committee in a glaring new light.

And then the Game crosses a new boundary, pushes harder into Miki’s and her friends’ lives, and there’s nothing in the rules that can save them now.

Miki finds herself back in the pizza parlor, in this reality it's only been seconds since she was last pulled into The Game. But the team have returned with one player missing, Jackson, who attempted to siphon energy during the last dying seconds in order to keep himself alive. The Game is anything but, the only thing each player has in common is their near death experience. An accident where their lives should have been tragically cut short, now they owe their existence to the Committee, who have devised a Game in which teens battle an Alien race, the Drau who have waged a war against Earth. The Game is played on an alternate reality, where teams of teens are scored on a points based system, but losing your life within the game equates to eradication from both worlds and your existence erased. 

But Miki is a fighter and refuses to believe that Jackson is gone, or worse still, has been detained by the Committee for breaking the rules of play. It isn't long before the team are pulled into The Game again, but with their minds on Jackson, will they make it out alive?

The Game isn't what it seems...

My Thoughts

I absolutely loved Rush and although Push wasn't nearly as engaging, it's a worthy sequel in what seems to be an underrated series. It follows the story of Miki, who is still mourning her deceased mother and living with her father who struggles with alcoholism. But after an act of heroism, Miki is taken before her time and a second chance at life comes courtesy of the Committee, A group of superior beings that can give the gift of life in exchange for fighting against the Drau in an alternate reality. It's unique and blends a world of contemporary with realistic issues Miki faces, but with a science fiction twist. She was lured into The Game by Jackson, who could only exit if a replacement was found. But as the two teens took on the Drau, a relationship between the two flourished and now both compete to keep one another safe.

Both he and Miki are engaging characters as separate entities, but once together, Miki appears to be on the verge of a love struck and emotional mess and Jackson displaying  an arrogance thinly disguised as gallantry. Describing his smile as dark, feral and appealing, making her insides melt? Miki only seems to find Jackson charming and alluring when he shifts into an almost predatory mode. It borders on disturbing at times.

Push was entertaining, but does plunge into what seems to be middle series syndrome. Ending on a cliffhanger yet again, I'm hoping Eve Silver has an action packed series finale in the works for fans who have loyally supported the series.


  1. I wasn't all that big fan of book 1 *hides* so I am not even sure if I should pick up Push when it let you down :/

    I loved the idea of book 1 and enjoyed everything that wasn't Miki or Jackson but those two characters were just so hard for me to like and there were insta love feels all over their romance *sigh*

    I am glad though that you were able to enjoy this one in spite of you feeling like it could have been better.

    Lovely review, Kelly!!!! :)

    Rashika @ The Social Potato

  2. I haven't heard of this series, but it's a shame Push wasn't up to the standards of book one and kind of fell a little bit from Middle Book Syndrome. :( I wonder what I'd think of Jackson and Miki. Thanks for sharing Kelly, and, as always, BRILLIANT review! <3

    ~ Zoe @ The Infinite To-Read Shelf

  3. Great review Kelly, this is another series that I'm watching to see if it actually ends well. Too bad about middle series syndrome, I hope the last book is better.

  4. Meh to middle-book-syndrome. I swear it's the worst. Although (and this is showing my duh moments) I actually had no idea this one was a sequel. I SHOULD READ BLURBS MAYBE? I seriously had this marked to-read and no clue about the first...ha.

  5. Ekk I don't like the sound of that relationship. I tried to read Rush a couple of times but I just couldn't get into it. I don't know if I ever will. Great review!


  6. I haven't decided if I want to pick up this series. Lately, I've been gravitating to stand-alones. And I want to pick up 4-5 star books because I am picky now! *flips hair*

    ~ Dre @ Sporadic Reads

  7. I was pretty lukewarm towards Rush, so I picked up Push quite hesitantly. I think I've read over 10% already, but just haven't been feeling it, so I put it aside for now, which is a damn shame because the release date has passed a long while ago already. Haha. Even in the first book, I wasn't really keen on their romance. You're right that Miki becomes so unbearable and Jackson is just so annoying like ugh I want to wipe off that smirk from his face!

    Faye at The Social Potato


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