The Diva Weekender #003

After first dealing with a Windows crash where I've lost everything on my computer, my service provider then decided that I didn't need an internet connection or home phone, and my service was cut off for a few days. So now it's a game of catching up on my reviews for the books I read while I was offline.


●  Ashleigh from Nose Graze is looking for funding via Kickstarter for a new site to rival Goodreads. LitRate will be epic, but she needs our support to get the massive project off the ground. Check it out here.
●   Emily on Twitter shared what I thought was a joke, Bollywood is remaking John Green's The Fault in our Stars. She wasn't pulling my leg either.
●  A shout out to the lovely Polina from Harlequin Teen Australia, who made us all incredibly sad this week by announcing her farewell. Add your well wishes to my Tweet.
●  Penguin Teen Australia have a new edition of PTATV here.
●  Allen and Unwin are are celebrating a centenary of publishing. They haven't won publisher for the year twelve times for nothing.
●  Sign up for our Aussie YA Newsletter here, and if you missed it, check out the August Edition
●  Gina from Behind The Pages is our monthly blogger. Show her the love. 
●  And I'm reviewing for The Journal, the review and discussion blog brought to you by Bookfari.

'Round the Blogs

●  Jeann at Happy Indulgence is hosting a massive Patrick Ness Giveaway.
●  Dre warns us of the dangers of Bloglovin'. Read what happened to her here.
●  Jules shares the pressures of blogging.
●  Those Social Spuds have another Random Things in Motion, would you hold information from someone if it were for their own good? Our characters certainly think so.
●  Sarah shares her lack of reviewing enthusiasm, and she's definitely not alone.
●  Ebony and guest Ely are chatting about cover comparisons. Honestly, how many covers can one book have? Ely shares her own comparisons on a much loved favourite, Jane Eyre.
●  Kate and Miss E are talking picture books here. Who didn't love Hairy Maclary as a child?
●  Angel is asking us not to judge a book by it's cover.
●  Those Notebookers are destroying books with beautiful results. I've bought their wares, just stunning!
●  Larissa is discussing the importance of YA in the latest Discussing Through Midnight.
●  And loved this review of Messenger of Fear from Gina at Behind The Pages, and I'm not the only one who loved it too. Michael Grant!

Tweet Of The Week

Publisher Review Paperbacks and one very special eBook


●  The Graveyard Book Graphic Novel by Neil Gaiman. Amazing illustrations. This is the graphic adaptation of the original novel. Thank you to Bloomsbury Australia.
●   The Young World by Chris Weitz. With thanks to Hachette Australia. I've already read and absolutely loved this one. Review will be posted during the week.
●  The Incredible Adventures of Cinnamon Girl by Melissa Keil. You might remember Aussie author Melissa Keil from Life in Outer Space, and this one promises to be just as awesome. Thank you to Hardie Grant Egmont.
●   Starring Jules: Third Grade Debut by Beth Ann. Super cute about a child sitcom star who is still navigating the primary school. Thanks to Allen and Unwin.
●   Toxic Heart by Theo Lawrence. I love the Mystic Heart series and read this one as soon as it dropped in my letterbox. Check out my review here, and thanks to Random House Australia.
●  And my only digital review copy, which I'm incredibly excited about... Talon by Julie Kagawa. Having auto approval on Netgalley allowed me to quickly nab a copy. With a huge thanks to Harlequin Teen Australia.

Purchased Paperbacks

I haven't been on a book buying ban, but more reducing the amount I'm purchasing each week. It was becoming a little too much. So over the last fortnight I was able to restrict myself to a small handful, and by far my favourite was this hardcover 60th anniversary edition of Charlotte's Web. I loved Charlotte's Web as a child, and looking forward to one day passing this one onto my own children when we start a family.


  1. I plan to back LitRate too! I keep forgetting! Thanks for reminding me Kelly :)

    What happened to Dre pissed me off, I treasure all our followers and I would be as upset as she was if I somehow lost them all. And Bollywood version of The Fault in our Stars huh? I haven't even read the book or watched the movie >.< I really need to get on that!!

    1. You haven't read the book yet? Oh, you have to move it up your list Amir and read it before seeing the film. I haven't seen the film yet either. I know, how horrible. I'm glad they sorted it out, but what was with that bullshit explanation! By that standard, you can pretend to be anyone and they don't even bother to confirm it.

  2. I am so glad you are back Kelly, I was getting withdrawals lol! That Jabberwocky edition looks soo pretty! Congrats on the reviewing for Bookfari, that is awesome. Looks like you got some exciting review copies as well. Thanks for sharing my Patrick Ness giveaway!

    1. I've been dying to get a copy forever it seems, so was over the moon to nab it with the Bookworld coupon. Anything Alice in Wonderland related, and I'm running with bells on.

  3. Ooooh, congrats for getting Talon!! XD I missed out, but that's okay, I'll wait until it's on shelves. *prepares to start stalking library* SO SAD YOU HAD NO INTERNET. I missed all your posts and awesome tweets and just general fabulousness. Don't do that again, Kelly. Chase down the internet-providers and inform them that the internet cannot function without you.

    1. By the time we read it as a group, it'll probably be out.

      Urgh, Telstra. No Foxtel, Bigpond or house phone for days. It was like being back in the cave where we had to beat each other with clubs for entertainment.

  4. Awwwww, blog of the month, that is so unexpected! You are amazing lovely :) hehehe I'm still raving about THE Michael Grant commenting on my blog! Ohhh, I haven't read Mystic City yet, but the cover is gorgeous, and I've started to see Toxic Heart in stores. Definitely going to buy the second one now, and get to reading the first one, seeing as you loved it so much :) TALON! I'll be eagerly awaiting your review of that one, it's Julie Kagawa, and she write all kinds of awesome. Great haul this week :D Oh, and I just commented on your post from The Journal, shhhhh I don't know you ;)

  5. Thanks for linking my post girl :D

    OMG WHAT!? I can't believe they're making a Bollywood rendition of The Fault in Our Stars. Those are two things that I never thought would coincide in like a million years. I suppose it should be at least interesting to see the final product O.o

    TALON eeeeeee. Seeing it on Netgalley but only for Australians had me seriously consider taking a trip there [; I hope you enjoy it and write a review asap okay! I have such high hopes for Talon, because Dragons really. That's all a book needs for me to be hopeful...dragons.

    Charlotte's Web was definitely a childhood favorite of mine too. I cried, a lot. The collectors edition is so beautiful!

    Great to see that you're back c:


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