Hearts On Hold by Gracie MacGregor

The strongest sunshine casts the darkest shadows...

Cate Boyd is searching for a place where nobody knows her name. The sleepy Maltese village of Xlendi offers privacy, anonymity, and the serene life she craves, far from her former world. But her peace is shattered when monolithic development company Vena announces its plans to level her village, and threatens to expose Cate’s secrets if she stands in its way.

Her peace is shattered when monolithic development company Vena announces its plans to level her village, and threatens to expose Cate’s secrets if she stands in its way.

The arrival of seductive, nosy professor Brandon Blackshaw seems too coincidental for comfort — especially when she discovers that Vena is his research partner. As the pressure mounts, Cate must decide which is more important: her hard-won privacy, or the future of her beloved Xlendi

Cate wanted nothing more than to disappear, to lead her life with no distractions, no accusations and be free. Moving to the little quaint coastal town of Xlendi in Malta was just the distraction Cate needed. It isn't until the charismatic, witty and handsome professor falls into her life, literally, that she releases how lonely she truly is.

Charming, yet clumsy, the illustrious Brandon, injured, finds himself unable to walk, with no available motels suitable to cater to his injury, ends up checking into the lavish accommodations that is Cate's couch. It's awkward to say the least. Cate is a private person, having to protect her identity, hiding from a past that she simply cannot move on from.

The tiny historical village is set for a major redevelopment at the hands of a ruthless corporation, obtaining permits to vacate the centuries old villas that dot the Xlendi landscape. Cate enlists the help of Brandon, and his vast knowledge of history and the support of Cambridge university. With the two working together, living together, Brandon releases he knows nothing of the woman that he finds himself falling for... The artist, the passionate savior of the lazy village she calls home, or the woman that is hiding away, waiting for her life to return.

Cate wants to love again, but will Brandon still feel the same after her secret is revealed?

I thoroughly enjoyed Hearts On Hold. I wasn't sure what to expect, I admit, I've never read an adult contemporary romance before, but I couldn't pass on the opportunity to support a new Australian author. I was swept away in the romance of the quaint seaside village, the Mediterranean breeze and the beauty of the community. 

It was beautifully written, a story of love, grief and acceptance, and finding the one that can make you feel whole again. First time author Ms. MacGregor is a magical storyteller.

Hearts On Hold
Written By Gracie MacGregor
Expected Publication 01 / 07 / 2013
196 Pages 

Thank you to Polina at Harlequin and Gracie for the opportunity to review an eARC

Gracie Macgregor shares a houseful of chaos with her teenage son and two ridiculous dogs. While her heart belongs to her hometown of Brisbane, Australia, her mind is frequently elsewhere, biding its time until her travel‐itchy feet can catch up. Her idea of bliss is a big romance novel, a cool breeze, and a balcony overlooking Burleigh Beach...unless there’s a chance the balcony can overlook Paris! She’s been in love with love for as long as she can remember, and believes absolutely in happily ever after...as well as in taking responsibility for finding happiness in the everyday.

Gracie loves interacting with readers and writers online, contact her via

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