I Love You To Death by Natalie Ward

I Love You To Death
Written By Natalie Ward
Contemporary, New Adult
Published September 29th 
279 Pages
When Ash loses her boyfriend, she is consumed by grief, loneliness and an overwhelming sense of guilt for her role in not only his death, but the deaths of everyone she has ever loved. Refusing to let anyone in for fear of losing them too, she becomes withdrawn, spending her days reliving the nightmares from her past. Until she meets Luke.
Initially scared by his intensity and interest in her, Ash tries to push him away. But as Luke slowly starts to chip away at the walls she’s built, Ash finds herself doing the one thing she swore she’d never do again, falling in love.
When the familiar feelings Ash had hoped were long buried with her past begin to resurface, she is forced to ask herself if falling in love again is really worth the risk.

Asha is a young woman with a past of loss and sadness. She has lost her loved ones and friends, all one by one until she is now at the end of her rope. After her long time boyfriend died, Asha chose to hide away, only having minimal contact with others and never getting too close.

Until she meets Luke. Luke is a coworker, and slowly starts to win Asha over. Asha is terrified of falling for Luke and losing yet another loved one, but is that enough to keep him at arms length and keep him safe?

I'm not sure whether I actually liked I Love You To Death, or not. I enjoyed the storyline, as horribly unrealistic as it probably is, but the characters were just too dull and didn't resonate with me. I loved the little playlist at the start of each chapter. Really wished I could have enjoyed it more.

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